The Low Self Esteem Synonym that Leads to Solutions

Editor’s note: We’re not using a hyphen in self esteem. Bad. People search for low self esteem synonym, not low self-esteem synonym. Google changes the rules again! Apologies to grammarians.

low self esteem synonymSearching for a low self esteem synonym gets you results like lack of confidence, worthlessness, and inadequacy.

These synonyms may be accurate, but they don’t put low self esteem in a perspective that leads to resolution.

How can we define low self-esteem in a way that inspires solutions?

The most empowering synonym for low self esteem is “self sabotage.”

What is low self esteem? The traditional view:

Low self esteem is traditionally considered a problem that began in childhood. Negative feedback from parents, family members in peers was internalized – absorbed – by the child.

When you’re a child, you cannot help but take in, rather than reject, negative messages about who and what you are. When you’re told over a long period of time – in one way or another – that you’re worthless, you have no way of differentiating the message, which is a reflection of the messenger, from you. You just believe it, even if you deny the belief.

A traditional low self esteem synonym that reflects feelings of inadequacy helps understand the term but doesn’t lead to solutions. It doesn’t define the problem well.

A well-defined problem seeks its own solution.

When you use self sabotage as a low self esteem synonym, it raises  questions.

low self esteem• How am I sabotaging myself?
• What am I doing to create low self esteem?
• Must I sabotage myself in this way?

Self sabotage as a synonym positions low self esteem as the result of an action. If you’re doing something (on the inside or out) to cause low self esteem, then…you can theoretically stop doing it. The trick is to figure out what that is.

Self sabotage is tricky business. We hide it from ourselves. When you think you understand it, that’s when you probably understand it the least.

Defining self esteem as the result of your present-day actions puts you in the driver’s seat. As an adult, you need to be in charge of your inner life. Believing emotions felt today are caused by events in the past, makes you powerless.

Unfortunate events in the past did cause you to feel bad…

…in the past. Today, you are taking mental and emotional actions to keep those feelings alive. What if you stopped doing that?

The concept of present day self sabotage causing low self esteem leads to simple remedies. The hardest part is seeing the self sabotaging acts in the first place and labeling them as such.

To learn how self sabotage works in your psyche and take actions to end the cycle, watch this free and enlightening self sabotage video.

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